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FBIF2018: Global Innovation, Powering the Future


Against the consumption upgrading, food and beverage giants are struggling hard while the new categories seize the opportunities to flourish and obtain a high growth. Innovation has become an irresistibly powerful engine pushing the industry ahead. Under the circumstances, how do we grasp the new claims of the “new middle class” and “millennials” to create more business opportunities? How do we better interpret diversified and personalized consumer demands, integrate them into corporate strategies and guide corporate innovation? How do we deal with the tremendous changes in the entire industry chain led by digital technology and give full play to the advantages of this digital age? With these questions, Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2018 (FBIF2018) will share the most cutting-edge industry trends and successful business cases to inspire business innovation and help companies win the future!

Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2018 (FBIF2018) will be held at the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Parkview from 18th -20th of April, 2018. It has attracted more than 1800 intermediate and senior executives from renowned global F&B companies, including Nestlé, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Yili, Danone, Uni-President and etc. FBIF2018, themed as the rising of new categories, consists of Plenary Session on Day One and four parallel sub-forums on Day Two and Day Three; sub-forums are Product Innovation A (Dairy products and Beverages) , Product Innovation B ( Food for Special Medical Purposes and Snacks), Marketing Innovation and InnoPack. In the meantime, Marking Awards 2018 and Hello Foods Prize 2018 ceremonies will also be held at the forum. This article will present you highlights of this year’s FBIF event and activities.

The article is divided into six parts:

Part One: Speakers and Recommended Topics (Interesting speeches and discussions at FBIF2018)

Part Two: Contest Preview (Exciting contests at FBIF2018)

Part Three: Recommended On-the-Spot Interaction (Interesting activities at FBIF2018)

Part Four: List of Sponsors (Gallery of Sponsors for FBIF2018)

Part Five: List of Media Partners (Media friends of FBIF2018)

Part Six: Contact information of the organizers (Registration of FBIF2018)

01、Speakers and Recommended Topics

Recommended Topic: Seizing on the Trends of the New Asian Foods Consumer

Speaker: Isabelle Esser, Executive Vice President Research Development Foods, Unilever

Comments: Confronting a surging and changing Asian consumer market, every multinational company would like to grab a share. You shall never miss the trends and opportunities they’ve captured. Reasons? That’s enough.

Recommended Topic: On the Internationalization of China’s Domestic Brands

Moderator: Aalt Dijkhuizen, President, Dutch Topsector Agri & Food; Former President & CEO, Wageningen University & Research


Zhang Jianqiu, Executive President, Yili Group

Edward Y.M Zhu, CEO of CHIC Group & Co-founder of Holland Center

Chu Wah Hui, Founder, Innovative F&B Limited

Yan Weibin, Chairman, Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd

Zhou Li, Secretary of the Board, Ph.D, Nongfu Spring

Comments: Listen to the chief talks and their stories of internationalization.

Recommended Topic: The Power of INNOVATION

Speaker: Mayank Trivedi, President & CEO, Nestlé Xiamen Yinlu Foods

Comments: Yinlu, once considered as a weakness to Nestlé, has revived and become a role model in Nestlé early this year. How did this traditional food company make it in the past three years? Aren’t you curious about it?

Recommended Topic: Better Dairy Products, Better Life

Speaker: Chen Dongfang, Vice President R&D Asia Pacific, Firmenich

Comments: The historically coolest VR film Ready Player One is recently on. In some cinema, audience even have the opportunity to be immersed in the flavor of the universe, an oasis, smoke, kisses and etc. when watching this film. How cool it is! In fact, all the flavors presented in the film are provided by Firmenich, the leading flavors and fragrances company with a history of over 120 years. Firmenich invests 10% of its annual sales into R&D and always maintains a passion for smell and taste. Let’s listen to the speech of Mr. Chen from Firmenich on dairy products flavoring solutions and the interpretation the trends of dairy products.

Recommended Topic: How to Get the Biggest Share of China’s Cheese Market?

Moderator: David Xi An, Li, General Manager, Panda Dairy


Zhang Shaohui, Professor, SJTU-Bor S. Luh Food Safety Research Center of Shanghai JiaoTong University; Board & General Manager, GO PEPTIDES

Zong Xuexing, Director of R&D on Dairy Products, Mengniu Dairy

Bryan Zheng, Brand Manager, Bright Dairy

Liu Zongshang, Deputy General Manager, Ground Milk

Chen Dongfang, Vice President R&D Asia Pacific, Firmenich

Dechun Wang, Team Manager, Senior Application Specialist, Culture & Specialties Innovation China, DuPont Nutrition & Health

Flemming Mogensen, Sales Manager, Tetra Pak Filtration Solutions, Tetra Pak

Comments: With the integration of global food culture, cheese has gradually become the new favorite of fashion food. Afternoon tea is always served with cheesecake. When you’re shopping, a cup of tea with cheese cover can drive your fatigue away. Cheese pizza or cheese rice cakes are also common at parties. Cheese market rages in full swing. Some even conclude that cheese is a secret weapon in internet famous stores.

Recommended Topic: Fermentation Beyond Dairy

Speaker: Jessica Chen, Marketing Manager-Dairy, Beverage & Frozen Dessert, Greater China, DuPont Nutrition & Health

Comments: According to Euromonitor International, sales of fermented dairy products in China exceeded that of milk for the first time in 2017. What kinds of consumer demands do the fermented dairy products satisfy? And what other fermented products are worth expecting? You may get inspired from DuPont’s share.

Recommended Topic: An Overview of Ready-to-Drinks’ Innovation Trend in 2018-2019 (TBA)

Speakers: Shell Huang, VP, Asia Pacific R&D, The Coca-Cola Company

Comments: Global Sales of carbonated beverages have declined in recent years, while sales of plant-based beverages and near water have increased steadily. The beverage industry is mingled with hope and fear. As the leader of the beverage industry, how does Coca-Cola think about the future of RTD drinks?

Recommended Topic: SUNTORY – Leading in the FOSHU Health Beverage Market

Speaker: Alexandre Nicolau, Open Innovation Manager, Suntory Holdings Ltd.

Comments: When it comes to Suntory’s health drinks, be it the Black Oolong Tea or the Green Tea lyemon Tokucha, people cannot help having a sip and gulp, as they can drink tea and inhibit fat absorption altogether.

Recommended Topic: Crea”TEA”ve- a New Perspective of Tea Drinks

Speaker: Henry Yu, Marketing Services Director; Commercial VP, Tetra Pak China

Comments: When it comes to Tetra Pak, if you just know it is a packaging company, then you are really poorly informed. It is also a pioneer delving into the food and beverage industry, always sensitive to trends in the global food industry. For example, Tetra Pak provide end to end solutions to coconut water which it’s a hit all over the world; and in conformity with the trend of plant-based protein drinks, Tetra Pak works closely with its customers in promoting carton soymilk. Come and see their new findings concerning tea drinks to get inspired.

Recommended Topic: Embracing Disruption: Winning Through Innovation

Speaker: Greg Steltenpohl, Co-Founder & CEO, Califia Farms

Comments: Califia Farms is always maintaining an astonishing rate to innovate. It has already launched more than 80 products in three years and has become a leader in plant-based drinks. Nut milk and cold brewed coffee are their hit items.

Recommended Topic: Human Milk Oligosaccharides: A Technical Break-through in Early Life Nutrition

Speaker: Steen Lyck, Global Business Development Lead for Cultures, Probiotics and Food Protection, DuPont Nutrition & Health

Comments: Breastfeeding is considered as the best way to feed a baby. Many milk powder companies are also actively developing simulated human milk formulas. After over one hundred years’ development, infant formula milk powder has recently seen a revolutionary breakthrough — Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) and opened up a blue ocean market. To seize the market opportunities, we need to first understand their potential health benefits in detail, production processes and the regulatory status at home and abroad.

Recommended Topic: Infant Formula Products Innovation Under New Policy in China


Xie Qinggang, R&D Manager, Feihe Dairy

Qiu Quanruo, Chelf Inspector, Milk Powder Technology Research and Development Department, JUNLEBAO DAIRY GROUP

Comments: In early 2018, the China’s “strictest in history” milk powder policy came into force. It is stated that “any infant formula milk powder produced, sold, or imported within the territory of the People’s Republic of China is subject to registration and approval of the Food and Drug Administration”. In principle, each company is allowed to apply no more than three series of infant milk formula and nine infant milk powder formulas. Under this circumstance, how do companies grasp opportunities in the formula milk powder market and resolve their crises? Technical experts from dairy companies will give their opinions.

Recommended Topic: New Opportunity for Maternal and Infant Formula Food Development Oriented by Latest Progress of Breast Milk

Speaker: Zhang Yumei, Professor, Ph.D. Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene, School of Public Health, Peking University

Comments: A comprehensive and thorough exploration of human milk composition is extremely important to the development of human milk formulas. Besides, there are significant differences in breast milk in different countries and regions. Let us see the latest research progress of China’s human milk and find out the new design ideas specialized for Chinese baby milk powder.

Recommended Topic: The First 1,000 Days of Life: Nutritional Intervention in Early Life and Disease Risk Reduction

Speaker: MACE Katherine, Head of Metabolic Health Dpt., Nestlé

Comments: In 1867, Henri Nestlé saved a baby using the baby food he made and since then he established Nestlé. One hundred and fifty one years have passed, and Nestlé has launched tens of thousands of products beyond baby food. However, its R&D-based tradition has never changed and always kept a technology-oriented R&D thinking. Nestlé Research Center in Lausanne, Switzerland, is one of the world’s leading research and development institutions in the fields of food, nutrition and life sciences. Its research results generate many of Nestlé’s new products. Listen to the speech from MACE, you can have a close look at the new discovery of this industrial top R&D center.

Recommended Topic: Product Strategy for Globalization of Snacks Brands in the New Age

Speaker: Maggie Wang, Director, R&D Biscuit AMEA, Mondelez International

Comments: Under the new era, the niche food and beverage brands have been emerging rapidly, and food giants might face greater challenges in the future. As for the snack giant Mondelez, well-known for its brands and products such as Oreo, Chips Ahoy, Stride chewing gum and belVita breakfast biscuits, how do they successfully leverage their own advantages and take products strategies to satisfy changing consumer demands and integrate purchase channels? Come and see!

Recommended Topic:

Vision 2030: Exploring the Potential of New Protein Sources

Speaker: Maurits Burgering, Sr.Bussiness Develop Manager, Wageningen Food and Biobased Research

Comments: From 2009 to 2013, newly-launched products claiming high protein content grew from 16% to 27% worldwide. Except for those protein products providing daily needed energy, there are also customized protein products aiming at specific consumer groups. With the increasing protein demand, are there any other new type of protein sources worthy of attention except for animal protein, plant protein and insect protein?

Recommended Topic: A Bowl of Noodles and a Dish, the Category Innovation, Instant Noodles Take You at home

Speaker: Fan Xianguo, Board Chairman, Jinmailang Mianpin Co., Ltd

Comments: With the greater popularity of take-away food and increasing health concerns, the gossip like instant noodles will disappear has never failed. The fact may be the contrary, however. The instant noodles still have a vast market and their families are expanding, such as “A Bowl of Noodles and a Dish” packaged in a bowl presenting the taste of home.

Recommended Topic: Decipher Innovation in the New Retail Era

Speaker: Jason Yu, General Manager of Kantar Worldpanel Greater China

Comments: Kantar Worldpanel has shared their latest food market insights at the FBIF site for five consecutive years. Just recommend it!

Recommended Topic: How HEYTEA Is Redefining New-Style Tea?

Speaker: Vivian Xiao, CMO, HEYTEA

Comments: We FBIF folks once went to buy HEYTEA and lined up for almost an hour just for a 5-minute drink and a long reflect on its taste. The great combination of the deep and thick cheese and fresh tea and also the sweet and considerate packaging design impresses many foodies. Who knows how many trump cards HEYTEA has? Let’s see!

Recommended Topic: AI is New Electricity

Speaker: Chen Ling, Industry Head, Google

Comments: Ever since Google’s Alpha Dog defeated Ke Jie, artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly become a popular word and has infiltrated into all walks of life. But, do you really understand what AI is? And what surprise can it actually bring to you?

Recommended Topic: Operation Red Sea – Brilliant Counter Strike of JUNLEBAO’s Infant Formula from 0 to 2.5 Billion

Speaker: Qiu Weinong, Vice President and Brand Marketing Center General Manager, JUNLEBAO DAIRY GROUP

Comments: JUNLEBAO DAIRY GROUP has grown rapidly in recent years, ranking fourth in domestic dairy companies in 2017. Its formula milk powder is the key product to represent its brand. Undoubtedly, there are multiple opportunities lying in the blue ocean strategy. Yet if the company is already in the red ocean, how should they overcome turbulent times and fight back in the weakness? You’ve got to listen to its stories of victory against a bunch of foreign brands in the red ocean.

Recommended Topic: Turning Sparkling Water into a Winner

Speaker: Jenny Bond, FBU Regional Director Nestlé Waters M&D, Nestlé

Comments: When Perrier showed up on the desk of the editor-in-chief in The Devil Wears Prada starring Meryl Streep, we loved it immediately. It must be the most successful sparkling water brand. So, come and listen to its story.

Recommended Topic: SOFT IS THE NEW STRONG: Design’s (Packaging’s) Strategic Value in a VUCA World

Speaker: Moira Cullen, VP Global Design, Fortune 500 Companies Including PepsiCo, The Hershey Company and The Coca-Cola Company

Comments: As a senior design strategist, Moira once led the redesign development of the North American Coca-Cola trademark visual identity system, and also led a team to build up Hershey’s global design standards and design culture. Here, Moira’s share of packaging strategic value will never fail you.

Recommended Topic: Aesthetics of Packaging Come Online! Sorry, I Will No Longer Just Look at Your Inner

Speaker: Yuji Tokuda, Founder & Creative Director, Canaria Inc.

Comments: In this look-oriented age, people are increasingly willing to pay for “good look”. “Eat by Eyes”, which means people eat good-looking food, also demonstrates consumers’ demands on gorgeous food package. So, what standards do good-looking food packages have? How do we keep the balance between good taste and good look?

Recommended Topic: The Virtuous Circle of Goodness in Food

Speaker: Christophe Pradere, CEO & Founder, BETC Design & BETC Asia

Comments: When physiological needs is not the main purpose of food, which functions of food will be stressed? Then, how will food packaging be innovative? Christophe has carried through brand and package design for several brands, such as Louis XIII, Sulwhasoo, Evian, Dongfeng Peugeot and Mariedalgar. His works have won many international awards, like Pentawards. He will analyze food packaging from different dimensions. So, come and learn about the food packaging trends.

Recommended Topic: Package Industry Revolution Triggered by “The New Plastics Economy”- Keep Plastics as Valuable Materials in the Economy and out of the Ocean


Shell Huang, VP, Asia Pacific R&D, The Coca-Cola Company

Ben Chen, Corporate Packaging Director of Great China, Nestlé

Comments: After Davos Forum 2017, the topic“new plastic economy” quickly warmed up and triggered industrial rethinking starting from package. Industry giants are rushing to improve plastic repeated utilization factor and recycle rate. What obstacles need to be overcome on our road to achieve the goals? And what factors need to be balanced? You may obtain a lot from this discussion.

Recommended Topic: Keeping Nuts in Tree Hole like Squirrels Do


Stepan Azaryan, Founder & Creative Director, Backbone Branding

Stepan Avanesyan, Partner & Brand Strategist, Backbone Branding

Comments: Backbone Branding is always presenting innovative and interesting brand designs, be it a Squeezed fresh juice cup, or a Buzz Premium honey jar. Are you surprised this time by their “tree hole” packaging? Being always among the hustle and bustle of city life, you may need a couple of nuts from a “tree hole” to refresh yourself and feel relaxed just like in the nature.

Recommended Topic: Without Courage,Wwill There Be Innovation?

Speaker: Rene Chen, Partner, JKR Shanghai

Comments: Rene Chen, partner of JKR Shanghai, has devoted all her 20 years career to branding and design. The packaging design by her team for Domino’s Pizza is concise and yet highlights the brand’s features and appeal, bringing consumers a strong visual impact. It has been awarded the Pentawards diamond award, the highest honor of Pentawards. Regarding branding and packaging design, there is a weird demand, “being innovative yet not never existed”, let us see what Rene will talk.

02、Contest Preview

1. Marking Awards 2018——Let Package Design Be the Best Mark of Your Brands

Marking Awards, as a global design award initiated by FBIF in China, has set up a jury of 24 international reviewers from top brands and design agencies. Focused on the F&B industry, it exerts all its energies to push the wave of packaging upgrades! More than 200 renowned companies have participated in the professional competitions, such as PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Danone, Mars, Starbucks, Johnnie Walker, Tyson, Yihai Kerry, Yili Group, Mengniu, Want Want China, Amway, Dali, Laiyifen, Tetra Pak, Aptar, RPC, ORG PACKAGING, Ecolean, Bravis, Dragon Rouge, Pearlfisher, Cowan, Brandimage, LPK, BETC and Amber China. Besides, concept design works from over 50 art colleges nationwide also itch for a try. Are you ready to lead the new fashion in packaging design? On April 18th, let us meet at Marking Awards ceremony and experience the visual feast of the food and beverage industry.

Marking Awards 2017 Awards Ceremony

2. Hello Foods Prize 2018

The food industry is very huge in volume and innovation, and it grows vigorously wherever markets are. However, when it comes to a specific area, survival chances of new products is extremely low, even to a tenth and startups encroach on giants’ markets. All is very common. So, when we talk about innovation, what principles and standards should we uphold? Are all new products worth encouraging and promoting? With these questions, we launch this year’s Hello Foods Prize. 200 newly-launched SKUs from China markets, including dairy products, cold brewed/bulletproof coffee, new-style tea drinks, functional beverages, insect food and products using freeze drying have entered the competition. The final contest for these professionals was held in Tetra Pak’s booth at FIC on March 23rd and juries will give comments and suggestions concerning product color, aroma, taste, innovation, packaging and overall.

Note: 2018 Hello Foods Professional Final Contest in FIC-Tetra Pak’s booth on March 23rd

In addition, for the student group, “Fresh Air” Beverage Innovation Contest, being always remarkable, hits a historical high in entries this year. Six hundred and forty five students and teachers from nearly 50 food colleges across the country join in the contest with great passion. Our judges have been impressed and overwhelmed by many outstanding creative ideas, such as “Crazy Cicada and Coconut”, ”Purple Water”, “He+Xing Fu”, a gradually sugar-reducer fermented tea, “Broken Almonds”, “Marbles in Green Tea”, and “Youth”, elderberry sparkling water. The teams of finalists can visit Nongfu Spring’s Qiandao Lake base, and the top three can also obtain a full scholarship from FBIF committee to enjoy “Journey to Find Your Passion”, a study tour in the Netherlands. They will attend lectures freely in the world-class food university Wageningen University & Research, visit “European food valley”, and take up advanced studies in Dutch R&D centers of Unilever, Kraft Heinz, FrieslandCampina, Yili, and Ausnutria, to experience by themselves the most cutting-edge industry trends and innovation atmosphere. Besides, the first three award winning teams are also expected to show their product design in front of R&D seniors at Kraft Heinz. In FBIF Product Innovation B on April 19th, “Fresh Air” final is ready to go. Look forward to seeing all the people of innovation genes!

03、Recommended On-the-spot Interaction

1. Hello Foods Market

Time: 8:30-17:00, April 18th – 20th

Hello Foods Market

Since September 2017, FBIF has convened 10 “food inspectors” from five continents. These food inspectors have traveled across 15 countries including the US, Canada, the UK, France, Swiss, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Iceland, China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, New Zealand, and Australia to collect local foods and beverages. Their only responsibility is to find products of great fun, great taste and great look. Meanwhile, LPK, the design institution that has created the world first vertical barreled potato chips for Pringles, designed the display mode of hello foods market. In two weeks, you will see 200+ selected SKUs from 15 countries around the world at FBIF! Professionals in the R&D, marketing, and packaging departments shall never, ever, ever miss it!

2. Scene Simulation – Exploration of Multiple Opportunities for Beverages in the Catering Channel

Session: Marketing Innovation Sub-forum

Time: 15:45-17:30, April 19th

There is a saying that “he who got catering channel could win the food market”. Catering channel is always an important fortress for beverage brands. Especially in recent years, with consumers’ health awareness increasing, and “the alcohol prohibition” coming into effect, beverage sales in the catering channel have grew steadily and positively. China’s annual catering revenues have exceeded 3 trillion yuan, of which beverage sales account for 20%. Then, how should beverage companies integrate their products into catering occasions to raise the stake in catering and occupy this channel successfully?

At the sub-forum Marketing Innovation held on April 19th, 30 VIP guests from famous chain restaurants, reputable F&B companies and outstanding beverage OEMs will have the opportunity to experience food service in a simulated restaurant. Chefs from Lindys Food Consultant will prepare creative drinks at site. The authentic show-experience may help you generate new ideas for your beverage design aiming at the catering channel. Are you ready to go?

3. Wine Tasting and the Exploration on the Visual Interpretation Skills of Liquor Packaging in Chinese Style

Session: InnoPack Sub-forum

Time: 11:15-12:00, April 20th

As a final part of the InnoPack sub-forum, you must not miss this fantastic interaction! We will display several Chinese style packages of white spirits, rice wine and fruit wine on the spot and invite the creative teams to explain their design concepts one by one. While tasting the mellow flavors of wine, you can also listen to the ingenious ideas behind the wine packaging and pose questions to the creative directors. During this interactive session, you can discuss without interruption how to apply the Chinese style to the liquor packaging. Just have the utmost fun!

4. Tetra Pak Bar

Time: 8:30-17:00, April 18th – 20th

As a global leader in supplying food processing and packaging solutions, Tetra Pak has the world’s most comprehensive and systematic packaging solutions, 229 packaging formats, over 7000 packaging and opening-up combinations, and more than 5100 patented techniques. At FBIF2018, Tetra Pak will display its newly-launched product with“Quick Flashing” and bring with everyone various new concepts of beverages, including tea, yogurt, meal replacement drinks and delicious meals. Besides innovative packaging, Tetra Pak also provides a range of end-to-end solutions ranging from product concepts to processing, filling, and technical services. Need creative product ideas? Come to FBIF, and find out Tetra Pak’s Quick Flashing.

04、List of Sponsors

More than 100 companies and government agencies actively participate and support FBIF2018, providing full help for the event and its activities. These include industry giants who lead the global food and beverage trends, industry startups that blaze new trails on technology or products, as well as top companies in business and internet areas.

05、List of Media Partners

Another highlight of FBIF2018 is the strong media lineup, almost 80 media reporters from the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore and China will gather at the FBIF2018 event. They will report to the world this event and the global food and beverage trends with keen insights and from unique news viewpoints. The event is strongly supported by 人民网_网上的人民日报 and Pintu Media. Besides, reporters from overseas media like Bloomberg News, FoodBev, FoodNavigator-Asia, NutraIngredients-Asia, Advertising Age and The Dieline will also participate the forum and present its exciting moments from all around and multi-angle. In particular, FoodBev, the organizer of the world’s renowned food innovation award and The Dieline, the organizer of the American well-known packaging design contest The Dieline Awards, will attend the event and capture the points that attract them. We hope to spread the voice of FBIF2018 more widely, help the professionals find out niche markets, stimulate innovation inspiration, and promote the industry to develop actively.

06、Contact Information of the Organizers

For Strategic Cooperation

Isabella Hsu

T: + 86 21 5767 0513

M: + 86 182 1704 9505


For sponsorship and registration

Join the FBIF 2018 On Site WeChat Group

Ada Chen

T: + 86 21 6208 0525

M: + 86 150 2183 9607 (WeChat)



Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2018 / FBIF2018 (Click to read more), themed as “the Rising of New Categories”, will be held in April 18th to 20th in Shanghai, China. Previous FBIF has successfully attracted leading F&B brands such as Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Mondelez, COFCO, Master Kong, UNI-PRESIDENT, Yili, Royal FrieslandCampina, Abbott, Meiji, Mars, Cargill, Glico and Unilever etc. 1800 senior executives from F&B industry are expected to attend FBIF2018.

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